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Cell Engineering

One of biggest challenges in most therapies is delivering molecules to the right place in the right cell at the right time. Despite the marked improved outcomes of arresting some types of cancer with drugs, this approach has limitations. One limitation in treating this disease is that drugs have toxic effects on both cancer and healthy cells. These broad spectrum effects account for their side effects such as nausea/vomiting, hair loss and opportunistic infections, which may even have fatal consequences. To circumvent this drawback, Souvie Biodelivery developed a novel drug delivery platform using nanotechnology and cell surface display technology. We anticipate that these "smart" drug delivery vehicles containing the cargo will sense where they are in the body and move the cargo to where it needs to go such as tumors. As a result, their desired efficacy is expected to be enhanced at the same time side effects can be ameliorated or even eliminated. Such outcome will make our product very attractive for further refinement.

We are improving drug delivery using novel biotechnology to avoid drug-induced side effects.

About Us


Souvenir Tachado, MD

President and CEO

Dr Souvenir Tachado is an immunologist and research leader with over 25  years experience in academia. His areas of expertise include infectious disease, cell signaling, immunology, and cell biology. As a faculty at Harvard Medical School, he directed an NIH funded scientific projects in understanding why asymptomatic HIV-infected patients with reconstituted CD4+ T-cells, on highly active anti-retroviral therapy (HAART), and viremic are susceptible to  to pulmonary infections. His team demonstrated that Toll-like receptor 4, (a receptor that recognizes components of bacterial cell wall) mediated signaling is significantly impaired leading to increased susceptibility to bacterial infections. This impaired TLR4 signal transduction can be restored by immune modulation in HIV-infected alveolar macrophages. He has over 40 peer-reviewed publications. He co-founded Capienda Biotech, a company involved in drug discovery. 

Souvie Biodelivery, LLC is drug delivery development company that employs nanotechnology to engineer, patent and market novel drug delivery platforms to drug delivery niche markets.


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